Our attention to detail, the variety of our offerings, the beauty of our finishes show our depth as a producer that has always striven for the highest levels of achievement.

Our primary goal is your satisfaction. This is why every production step is subject to constant scrutiny and careful evaluation. Only through this vigilance can we guarantee state-of-the-art production and perfect quality.

It starts with each and every worker: each one takes responsibility for their work and the quality of the work that has come before. Before any item leaves their control, they inspect it - carefully examining each step so any discrepancy is caught before it leaves their hands. Not only does this reduce waste (in time and energy) but also ensures the quality of your product (including the parts you don’t see).

At the end of this process, Quality Control checks the products again, before they are packaged and stored for distribution.

Every item produced by Biondan is protected by multiple layers of artistic and protective finish. These are applied by skilled craftspeople who carefully paint the item, enhancing its beauty with artistry and flair. These finishes are then baked onto the bronze surface in high-temperature ovens to make them weather-proof and ensure their beauty for years to come.

At Biondan, quality is embedded in all our points of view – this is why we pay such close attention to customer service.

Each article is carefully placed in its packaging and a lable with an image of the item and its barcoded identification is affixed.

This makes it easier to locate items in our (and your) warehouse, even when packaged. This method reduces human error because the barcode system allows continuous control as it passes through our factory into our robotic warehouse.

This storage and retrieval by our computer-controlled system leads to quicker order processing and packing – getting the right item into your hands at the right time.